No task is too daunting. We prefer to meet our clients at our studio, but we are always available to assess collections on your premises if so required. All work is thoroughly assessed, a detailed conservation report and quotation is provided to all clients before commencement of work.

Artworks on Paper

We specialise in the conservation treatment of a wide range of art on paper: Watercolours, Pastels, Acrylics, Gouaches, Drawings, Documents, Manuscripts and all types of prints. We treat damage on paper such as stains, foxing and water tides, removal of harmful backings like wood and acidic boards, de-acidification, repairs to tears and the placement of inserts to fill losses, Japanese tissue lining, crease removal and flattening, and selective in-painting.


Fine bookbinding , restoration and repair on First and other Editions, Family Bibles, Cookbooks, Modern and Antiquarian bindings . We work with all materials including Cloth, Paper, Leather and Velum. Treatments include hinge and spine repair, paper tear repair, replacement of end leaves and paste downs. We discuss the level of repair required and consider the clients need when assessing the damage on books. Some books can survive with minimal intervention but for some a complete restoration would be suggested, which may include total rebinding. Custom archival enclosures can be requested for the longevity of the books.


We offer conservation treatment on a wide range of modern and historic photographic works. Common treatments include flattening of photographs, dry surface cleaning, removal of mold, removal of adhesive tapes and acidic mounts, aqueous treatment to reduce acidity, discoloration and stains; mending of tears filling in lost areas. We also offer digital restoration on all photographic works.


Protecting the restored works or books, we make archival customised enclosures for Artworks, Books and Objects.


We offer consultation on the conservation of collections.

Vault Research is an independent art advisory established by Phillippa Duncan to assist private, corporate and museum clients with their art. The art  world is often complicated and our role is to open doors for collectors while assisting them to build and manage significant collections.

Aleyya Saaiman is a fresh face in the South African conservation field working primarily in Ceramic conservation, with a background in flat paper and metal conservation . She works in partnership with DK Conservators from their studio in Wynberg.


All work is documented before and after completion for our records and possible requests for clients. More examples of our work can be viewed on out Facebook and Instagram pages.

All works are treated with confidentiality and are published with the consent of the client.


We have a very diverse team that contributes to the sharing of experiences and knowledge. We pride ourselves in working in a calm enviroment with a harmonious team spirit.

Keith Seaford


Jessye Seaford

Flat Paper

Jamie Seaford

Flat Paper

Anthany Mbele


Stephanus Le Roux

Books/Flat Paper


Office Administrator

James Dunlop


Kay-Dee Wolmarans

Studio Assistant

Dieter Wickert-Ludemann

 Your memory will always live on in the knowledge and passion you passed onto the team.

19 Nov 1956 - 29 April 2023



Working closely with the leading industry professionals, we have built a trusting relationship with out clients.


We always welcome a friendly visit to our studio. Please don't hesitate to contact us.


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